Welcome Shoe

28 Nov

I like to cook.

And so begins my cooking blog.

The blogs you will meet and greet here will contain things I’ve cooked, things other people have cooked, and things about food generally (I considered calling them clogs, because it seems quite fashionable to combine words these days (I don’t understand why), and then I realised apart from being stupid, clogs are shoes….I’m writing about food, not shoes, so I decided against it. Although maybe one day I’ll write about a food that is best consumed out of shoes, on that day, I will call my blog a clog).

So please enjoy it if you will…and if you won’t, then I suggest you go on your merry way.



One Response to “Welcome Shoe”

  1. ana November 30, 2009 at 10:41 pm #

    Emface – so excited to future reading!

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