The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake

22 Dec

Just yesterday Geoff sent me a link to a very very expensive cupcake. I was very very impressed.

photo by

“What makes a cupcake worth $750? How about 100 year-old Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, Palmira Single Estate Chocolate from the rare Porcelain Crillo bean, Tahita Gold Vanilla Caviar – the most labor-intensive agricultural crop in the world, and edible gold flakes. Baked and assembled by the executive pastry chef of The Palazzo, Chef Long Nguyen, this royal treat will keep you coming back until you’re broke.”

Can I just stop to say…OH MY!

For some strange reason this cupcake reminds me of the pope.

Anyway this inspired me to google ‘world’s most expensive cupcake’. It came up with these diamond cupcakes.

photo from

Although it’s impressive that they’re worth around 30,000 dollars (ouch), I just don’t think they’re that amazing looking compared to the pope cupcake. Sure they look nice, but they’re not really masterpieces, they just have expensive (and inedible) stones on them (I much prefer it when all the decorations are edible).

Just imagine accidently ingesting a diamond worth that much! In fact, that reminds me of a story. Way back, quite a few years ago now (well over ten years), one of my sisters, Bec accidently swallowed one of our gem stones (my sisters and I had a collection). I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it was a particularly edible looking one. Anyway, after she ingested it our dad insisted on retrieving it from the toilet when it came out the other end (GROSS!), he was worried it was going to cause problems with the pipes. After he retrieved he cleaned it and insisted it was as good as new…that said, we never touched it again.

And before I go I must share something lovely with you….the cupcake car!

photo from:

I think they’re awesome…not to mention environmentally friendly (they’re electric)!


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