Time for Curry

29 Dec

Curry is one of the nicest foods in the world. I love eating and I love cooking it. My favourite Indian cook book is The Encyclopedia of Indian Cooking by Khalid Aziz. When my parents were first married and they thought they might be going work near Pakistan and figured they had better get use to eating a lot of curries, so they found this Indian cook book at Myer for all of $3.00. Even though they never ended up going to Pakistan, they certainly got a good cook book out of it all,  I’ve never made a recipe out of it I don’t like. I think when I eventually move out it may have to be accidently packed with the rest of my cook books.

One of the things I love about this Indian cook book, is that after making quite a few different recipes from it, I feel I’ve learnt enough to make up my own curries using different things I’ve learnt from the book, and they actually taste pretty good.

Last night I had a number of people over for holiday trip meeting and I decided to make curry. I ended up cooking three curries, pappadums and rice. The three curries were; Beef with almonds and coconut Althoo molee (from the Encyclopedia of Indian Cooking), Butter chicken (a cheat’s recipe using tandoori curry paste) and a pumpkin and sweet potato vegetable curry of my own invention.

To begin the beef, almond and coconut curry (the original recipe is for lamb, but I had beef in the freezer) I marinated the meat in lemon juice.

While that was marinating I chopped up the vegetables for the pumpkin and sweet potato curry and the chicken for the butter chicken.

Then I coated the chicken for the butter chicken in tandoori paste and put it in the oven to bake.

Ana my handy assistant aided me by turning on the oven…she’s so talented.

Chopping the onions made me cry like baby…ugh.

Thankfully I’m not including the close up Blair took of my teary eyes, it really was quite disturbing.

After getting most of the prep ready I got the various curries on to cook.

After they all cooked and everyone arrived, we got to eat them…yay!


One Response to “Time for Curry”

  1. Mr.Volt December 30, 2009 at 8:57 am #

    just the photos alone makes me want to try this recipe, very nice indeed 🙂

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