Food + Friends = Lovely

22 Jan

Two of my very favourite things are food and friends (in no particular order)…combine them and you’re bound to have an excellent time.

And that’s just what I had a while back with a few of my very closest friends.

We spent the morning in the hills. Ate breakfast at one of my favourite places up there (oh my, how I love going out for breakfast). Drank excellent coffee (there’s something so lovely about an excellent coffee), and then spent a bit of time sitting among the trees at some location that wasn’t exactly where we were looking for, but was lovely none the less.

After that we all trooped back to mine after a quick visit to the local supermarket for the supplies we needed to concoct a delicious, if not belated lunch (and we collected a few other things I needed…plus peaches…I love peaches).

When we finally got back to mine we proceeded to chop and blend (and taste test) till we had some lovely pesto (which included some home grown basil from my herb garden…yay) and some wonderful hommus. We proceeded to eat what we’d just made with some olive bread (which my dad had bought earlier from the local farmers market…I’m still not sure that we were suppose to have eaten it…but it was delicious).

So this is how it went…

We prepared.

We peeled.

We chopped.

We crushed.

We blended.

And finally…it was ready…we ate.

Altogether a lovely day (and it finished with some rather silly/ridiculous happenings…I won’t go into the details, but the words, “I am a fine gentleman”, came out of my mouth).

Oh and thanks to Blair for the photos!


One Response to “Food + Friends = Lovely”

  1. Ana August 17, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    Oh I loved that day! So tasty!

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