Breakfast is Lovely

6 Feb

I love breakfast!

Usually, I just have a bowl of cereal and go on my merry way. But what I really love is going out for breakfast, or taking the time on a lazy Saturday morning to prepare a lovely cooked breakfast.

This morning after I had already poured my bowl of cereal, I decided that Saturday was not a day for cereal. So I put the cereal away and got to work.

I ended up with toasted turkish bread topped with tomato relish, baby spinach, bacon (sadly we only had rindless bacon in the fridge), a poached egg and of course salt and pepper.

It was all remarkably easy and was definitely worth the extra time it took…so much better than cereal.

How to poach an egg.

– Fill a pot (smallish) with water and tip in some white vinegar (probably about a 1/4 cup)

– Heat the water to just before boiling (you want there to be lots of rapidly moving tiny bubbles)…make sure it’s not actually boiling when you put the egg in because it’s too rough (for lack of a better word) for the egg.

– Crack and egg into a small bowl (make sure the yolk is intact). It’s best if you use relatively fresh eggs because the yolks hold together much better.

– When the water is heated to the correct point, gently lower the bowl into the water and tip the egg gently in.

– Providing the water is hot enough (but not too hot) and you have enough vinegar in the water, the egg should pretty much hold it’s shape.

– Cook for about 2 minutes until the white of the egg is cooked (firm to touch), the yolk should remain runny (you can cook it longer if you don’t like runny yolks). You can test if the yolk is still soft by removing it from the pot with a slotted spoon and very gently touching the area where the yolk is located, it should feel quite soft and liquidy to the touch.

– Drain in a slotted spoon and eat immediately.


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