It has been some time…

29 Jun

It has been some time since my last contribution to the blogging world….and ‘some time’ may be an understatement

I have several excuses…they largely come down to one main excuse…  “I’ve been way too busy”.

But for the moment, I have all the time in the world, so I best blog again, and hope that I will not allow any amount of ‘being too busy’ hinder my future posts.

A few food related things have occured since my last post.

First: I got that work experience at Le Petit Gateau (It was great (finished now), it deserves its own post)

Second: I finished my Patisserie course. I’m now a qualified pastry chef who desperately needs experience (below is a photo of me in my slightly dorky chef outfit)

Third: Soon I’ll set out to find myself a real job (but not before I enjoy some holidays).

Forth: I’ve decided I’d very much like to learn some barista skills, so I’ll be doing a coffee course or two in the very near future.

And that is all….I’ll be blogging more frequently from now on….I quite enjoy being back.


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