Sticky Buns Part I

9 Jan

Recently I was a happy visitor to the country of sheep and Ents…needless to say it was a lovely trip.

While some people go to New Zealand to participate in a great multitude of expensive adventure sports, I was more than happy spending the majority of my holiday funds on lovely food (I’m lucky enough to have gone with someone who was willing to accompany me around a great many food locations…thanks John!).

One of my favourite places to visit in Arrowtown New Zealand was Provisions. It was delightful for breakfast, morning tea or even just a random bagel (If anyone knows where to find great bagels in Melbourne please let me know). The best part about it….it was only a 5 minute walk from my sister’s house where we were staying (I call it fate).

Apart from having excellent breakfasts and amazing bagels, Provisions also had its specialty….the humble sticky bun.

Presenting….The Sticky Bun(s)

Thanks Bec for the photo!

After being saddened by the thought that once leaving New Zealand I would no longer have the sticky buns, I decided to pay close attention to them (taste, texture…and so on). So now it’s my mission to replicate them…or produce something that tastes a little bit like them….wish me luck!

…I’ll keep you updated.


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