Sticky Buns Part II

7 Mar

I promised I would keep you updated, so here I am.

I must admit, this first attempt at Sticky Buns was from quite some time ago, but nevertheless I will share it with you.

My analysis of the Sticky Buns provided me with valuable information. They most certainly contained almonds, sultanas, apple, sweet spices (most importantly cinnamon) and they were also smothered in some kind of delicious caramel. The most perplexing part was the body of the bun. It definitely had a pastry quality as opposed to a bready quality (bready [bred-ee, adjective]: having bread like characteristics. Alternatively a tiny village in Northern Ireland). The problem was it wasn’t quite so flaky as croissant or danish pastry. But after further examination I determined that it was closest to danish pastry, the difference being a result of it being baked in caramel (yum…I know!).

And so I set about my first trial of Sticky Buns. Now I must confess a degree of carelessness with my method when it came to the pastry. In an eagerness to quickly complete the tedious job of making the danish/croissant pastry I hurried things along by not being overly careful in my rolling and folding (danish/croissant pastry involves a yeast dough folded repeatedly with lots of butter). And the requisite resting of the pastry (to help relax the gluten) was somewhat limited.

So for all my shortcuts it actually made the dough quite difficult to deal with (butter was everywhere, and it began proving too quickly because I didn’t let it rest much in the cool of the freezer). And I must say, my lack of care resulted in some very ugly looking unbaked pastry!

So after finishing the pasty, I rolled it out to a large rectangle like shape and covered it in brown sugar, apple sauce, sultanas, cinnamon and slivered almonds. Then I rolled it up into a very ugly long slug shape and cut it into pieces.

The pieces I placed in a tray on a bed of caramel (I made by caramelising sugar and adding a bit of butter and milk…I would have used cream, but I was rather unprepared so I settled for milk).

I then baked them off and they came out looking even prettier than before!

After removing them from their pan and turning them caramel side up (and sprinkling on slivered almonds), their overall all appearance was much improved (I was relieved to say the least).

And happily they actually tasted remarkably similar to their New Zealand cousins….I think I just have to exert more patience and caution with the pastry and I might get an even more pleasing result! (And they might be better looking too!).

So here they are…

Now after my first relatively successful attempt I was pretty content with the fact that I knew how the sticky buns were made (I should have just asked while I was in New Zealand). The flavours were right, and with some patience the body of the bun could be much improved. But then, while reading David Lebovitz’s blog I came across this post .

Looks like I might need to do a little more experimenting!


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