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May the cake be with you (or rather in you)

2 Jul

A little while back now, my lovely friend Blair turned 21. Now Blair is slightly obsessed with Star Wars (I certainly don’t blame her….what’s not to love!), and so when she requested a birthday cake, we decided a Star Wars themed one was in order. It certainly fit with her party theme of 80’s movies.

Let me introduce you to Blair…isn’t she pretty! (this is one of my favourite photos of her….I didn’t take…I think she may have)

To claim that I designed this cake (or rather cupcakes) would be rather a large lie, I found a picture of the same cake on a google image search (I’m slightly in love with google image searches…particularly after I stubbled across one of my own macaron photos on there – it made me feel proud). I still don’t know who’s original design it is, but this is the photo I looked at.

I made a carrot cake base for the cupcakes and used a dollop of cream cheese icing to secure the fondant icing character toppers (that took an age to make!).

And here are some photos….I was rather pleased with the results!

(The following photos are compliments of my lovely friend Marita).

If anyone could be so kind as to identify the character on the left next to Darth Vadar it would be most appreciated. I made the cake and knew who everyone was except that one!



23 Jan

I was thinking, it’s about time I posted about some of the cakes I’ve made for various birthdays and events. The only one that’s made an appearance on here so far is my ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ cake, and that was ages ago.

So to begin with I thought I’d post about Grug.

Grug is awesome…he’s hard not to love.

My friend Justin is semi-obsessed with grug, so for his birthday a while back I made him a Grug cake. It was remarkably simple…and I was very happy with the final result!

Where the Wild Things are

30 Nov

The movie of Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is coming out very soon (3/12/09)…this makes me exceptionally excited as I love the book very much.

One of my close friends Ana is also very partial to the book and requested a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ birthday cake…oh the fun to be had! So for her 23rd birthday I made one…it was fun…and took a very long time. I got ideas from image searching pictures of such cakes and then adapted them to suit what I thought I could do. Here is what I came up with.

Conveniently at my favourite cake decorating shop, they sold pens that you can use to write on icing (edible!).