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The Lady of Shallot

4 Jan

I love it when easy meals are delightfully tasty. One I discovered from David Lebovitz is Roast Chicken with Caramalized Shallots, it really is very easy and tastes like it has had more work put into it than it really does!

I’m just going to take a moment to say how much I love shallots…they’re cute, and lovely, and I think they have a slightly  more buttery flavour than onions.

So if you’re keen to try a new recipe try this one. As for vinegar, my favourite to use in it is Apple Cider vinegar.

Here’s the link to the recipe…

serve it with roast vegetables and away you go!


Overcooked Rice

27 Jan

I love Risotto…and I think my Dad does too, although he always says Risotto is just a fancy word for overcooked rice.

A few nights ago I was wondering what to cook for dinner. Mum had just been shopping an bought some aborio rice, so I decided I’d make a risotto (I love risotto).

Initially I was going to cook the usual recipe I make (chicken, mushrooms, bacon, garlic, wine…all things lovely), but then I decided I’d like to try something a little different.

I spent a little time browsing around on the web for recipes (the interenet has some of the best recipes!) and finally decided that I’d try make a lemon and rocket risotto.

Most of the recipes I’d found didn’t quite suit what I had in the kitchen, so I read a few and from there made it up as I went along.

It worked excellently…I’ll definitely try and repeat it in the future.

I don’t know the exact quantities of ingredients I used…but it was probably something like this.

(serves around 4 people)

2 cups aborio rice

70g butter

1 onion chopped finely

1-2 cups white wine

1.2L chicken stock

1tsp crushed red chilli

500g chicken

2 handfuls grated fresh parmesan

2 handfuls of rocket

1 lemon (juice and rind)

dash of oil

salt & pepper

And the recipe went something like this.

– Cut the chicken in to small pieces and fry in the oil with a little salt and pepper and half the chilli (set aside)

– Melt the butter (add a tiny bit of oil and this will prevent the butter from burning really quickly) and add the onions

– Stir the onions in the butter and add the rice, stir until the rice begins to become translucent (if there doesn’t appear to be enough butter to coat the rice, just add more)

– Reduce the heat, add the wine and lemon juice and stir

– After some of the wine and juice has been absorbed (when the overall liquid is reduced a little), add chicken stock (stagger additions of a cup or two), stir after each addition but don’t over stir the mix or the rice grains will break up too much

– Basically keep adding more chicken stock until the rice is soft and creamy (when it reaches this stage stop adding liquid, rice absorbs liquid at different rates so it’s hard to say exactly how much liquid you’ll need)

– When it’s ready, stir in the chicken, parmesan, rocket, lemon rind and any salt and pepper you want

– Eat (a lot of the recipes I looked at had fish instead of chicken…something like tuna…so try that if you wish)