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A Lovely Little Cake

28 Nov

A couple of days ago my friend Ana got married to her lovely bearded man Blake (I mention his beard because it really is quite impressive).

(Photo compliment of my lovely sister Bec)

I was asked to make the wedding cake which made me exceptionally happy!

I got to make a cute little fat cake with bunting…hooray!

Yay for Ana and Blake…and cake…


May the cake be with you (or rather in you)

2 Jul

A little while back now, my lovely friend Blair turned 21. Now Blair is slightly obsessed with Star Wars (I certainly don’t blame her….what’s not to love!), and so when she requested a birthday cake, we decided a Star Wars themed one was in order. It certainly fit with her party theme of 80’s movies.

Let me introduce you to Blair…isn’t she pretty! (this is one of my favourite photos of her….I didn’t take…I think she may have)

To claim that I designed this cake (or rather cupcakes) would be rather a large lie, I found a picture of the same cake on a google image search (I’m slightly in love with google image searches…particularly after I stubbled across one of my own macaron photos on there – it made me feel proud). I still don’t know who’s original design it is, but this is the photo I looked at.

I made a carrot cake base for the cupcakes and used a dollop of cream cheese icing to secure the fondant icing character toppers (that took an age to make!).

And here are some photos….I was rather pleased with the results!

(The following photos are compliments of my lovely friend Marita).

If anyone could be so kind as to identify the character on the left next to Darth Vadar it would be most appreciated. I made the cake and knew who everyone was except that one!

Le Petit Gateau

8 Feb

Last year in my patisserie course we went on an excursion visiting various patisseries and chocolate shops around the city (a lovely excursion). One of the places we went was Le Petit Gateau on Little Collins Street in the city. It was quite lovely. They had beautiful pastries and cakes (simple but effective), wonderful coffee and a window through to the kitchen so you can watch the chefs and cooks at work (yay).

Today I went back there with two of my lovely friends (hmm…perhaps I should use a thesaurus for the word lovely), Heather and Blair. Along with various beverages, we tried a ‘Black Beauty’…it was quite splendid. I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but it did contain chocolate mousse (anything that contains chocolate mousse is already amazing to me) and some kind of delicious vanilla bean cream (and berry coulis). And then there was the the gold leaf on top!

Here’s my ‘not-so-clear’ picture of it:

… Yes, I like this place quite a lot (even though I have been there all of twice). So you can imagine my excitement when I see signs around William Angliss about a possible work experience opportunity there…fingers crossed, I desperately hope I get it!


23 Jan

I was thinking, it’s about time I posted about some of the cakes I’ve made for various birthdays and events. The only one that’s made an appearance on here so far is my ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ cake, and that was ages ago.

So to begin with I thought I’d post about Grug.

Grug is awesome…he’s hard not to love.

My friend Justin is semi-obsessed with grug, so for his birthday a while back I made him a Grug cake. It was remarkably simple…and I was very happy with the final result!

Food + Friends = Lovely

22 Jan

Two of my very favourite things are food and friends (in no particular order)…combine them and you’re bound to have an excellent time.

And that’s just what I had a while back with a few of my very closest friends.

We spent the morning in the hills. Ate breakfast at one of my favourite places up there (oh my, how I love going out for breakfast). Drank excellent coffee (there’s something so lovely about an excellent coffee), and then spent a bit of time sitting among the trees at some location that wasn’t exactly where we were looking for, but was lovely none the less.

After that we all trooped back to mine after a quick visit to the local supermarket for the supplies we needed to concoct a delicious, if not belated lunch (and we collected a few other things I needed…plus peaches…I love peaches).

When we finally got back to mine we proceeded to chop and blend (and taste test) till we had some lovely pesto (which included some home grown basil from my herb garden…yay) and some wonderful hommus. We proceeded to eat what we’d just made with some olive bread (which my dad had bought earlier from the local farmers market…I’m still not sure that we were suppose to have eaten it…but it was delicious).

So this is how it went…

We prepared.

We peeled.

We chopped.

We crushed.

We blended.

And finally…it was ready…we ate.

Altogether a lovely day (and it finished with some rather silly/ridiculous happenings…I won’t go into the details, but the words, “I am a fine gentleman”, came out of my mouth).

Oh and thanks to Blair for the photos!