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A Lovely Little Cake

28 Nov

A couple of days ago my friend Ana got married to her lovely bearded man Blake (I mention his beard because it really is quite impressive).

(Photo compliment of my lovely sister Bec)

I was asked to make the wedding cake which made me exceptionally happy!

I got to make a cute little fat cake with bunting…hooray!

Yay for Ana and Blake…and cake…


Make Me A Cheesecake

21 Jan

I was wondering what I could post about and I came across this photo taken by the talented Mr James Burke.

These are the mini cheesecakes I made for my sister’s friend Sam’s wedding. It was fun making them, and I think it’s nice having something a bit different for the wedding cake. And I can safely say I’ve never eaten as much cheesecake in one go as I did the weekend I was making these.

The recipe I used I found here…it’s super easy, so even if you’re a little challenged in the kitchen you should be able to manage (if the base is too dry and just not sticking together just add a tiny bit more butter).